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Here are a few of the things our customers and partners say about us.
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CBRE hired Kevin as a contractor in our Location Intelligence team to lead the setup and technical implementation of some very important initiatives.  He also set up ETL processes for some of our proprietary databases that helped streamline our data updates.  His attention to detail and vast knowledge of the technical aspects of CBRE’s architecture, along with his patience and ability to change course rapidly, was a tremendous asset to helping our team move forward.

Sara Mannone

Director of Data Management, Location Intelligence (former), CBRE Americas

Kevin implemented from scratch a high powered web service infrastructure for WhiteStar using Ruby on Rails technology. This approach had never been attempted before in the oil and gas service industry and has given my company unique capabilities far above anything else out there for detailed mapping of land/lease information via software as a service. Kevin communicated clearly the challenges, advantages, and pitfalls of particular approaches before setting on Ruby on Rails. I have been extremely pleased with the results and would recommend Kevin to anyone looking to turbocharge their business with cutting edge software engineering technology.
Robert White

CEO, WhiteStar Corporation

I have worked with Kevin since Summer 2006, and they have been the developers of my very complex, completely web-based application. My experience has been nothing short of exceptional on all levels, but primarily for two key reasons. First, the quality of programming has been so high that it offsets the presumed cost advantage of overseas development opportunities. Second, and probably most significant, I receive an uncommonly high level of service with regard to programming issues, customer concerns, and hosting challenges. I’ve been in various aspects of software business for over 20 years, and have had my own software business for over three years, and ASAP Websoft and Kevin Weller are as good as it gets when it comes to development and service. They get my highest recommendation without qualification.
Mark Lipsitt

President, The Lipsitt Group

Kevin hired me for what was supposed to be a three month freelance project. It ended up providing much more work than either of us planned. We worked together over the course of two years and the team of one (me) was expertly managed and grown by Kevin into a team of eight. We built, deployed, and managed one of the largest Ruby on Rails projects of its kind. Throughout the project, Kevin skillfully managed the customer and project expectations. He went out of his way to pay the team on-time and was a pleasure to work with. Given the chance, I would absolutely work with Kevin again.
Phil Ripperger

Customer Solution Architecture Team Manager, Heroku

On average, the best developers produce systems at a pace several times faster than mediocre ones, and of a quality the mediocre will never achieve even with all the time in the world.

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  • Do you know where all your customers are? Your assets?
  • Are you geographically optimized to service your best markets?
  • Does your geo-data suffer from incompleteness, disorganization, or just a general lack of big-picture analytic visibility?

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