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WhiteStar ClipZipShip

WhiteStar asked us to build an extensive web-hosted clip-zip-ship system to provide WhiteStar’s customers with access to their subscribed and cleansed/accurate geodata to replace their former labor-intensive CD-ROM shipping process.

The solution implements a microservces architecture including:

  • a PostGIS database under Amazon Web Services’ Relational Database Service;
  • an FME Server installation with a complex chain of 20 FME workspaces, 22 linked custom transformers, and a system of publish-subscribe notifications to preprocess and package requested data;
  • an extensive Python library to parse queries and generate SQL on top of a complex underlying data schema;
  • a Ruby on Rails web application with Angular and OpenLayers JavaScript frameworks on the front end, deployed via a Docker container on Heroku;
  • and an ElasticSearch full-text-search NoSQL database under to support coordinate system selection auto-completion within the web application.

The web application allows selection of product, order vs. quote, output coordinate system, product-specific layers, and map-selected or form-entry specification of areas of interest, which are then submitted to the FME server for subsequent generation and delivery of results via subscriber email.

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