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Lipsitt Group ClubDining

Member Listing

The Lipsitt Group asked us to develop a multi-tenant web-based reservation application for private clubs. We did so using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and a PostgreSQL database, all hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was a standard web application, with no geospatial computing requirements, but we’ve built many of these over the years. Since its inception in 2006, we still regularly maintain and upgrade this application, which includes two distinct user interfaces: one for club members to make and manage their own reservations, and one for club and site administration staff for configuration and back-end reservations management. Both ala carte and event reservations are supported. The system includes a secure authentication and authorization module, a reporting and dashboard module, and web APIs for integration with Club Management Systems, plus other applications and data.

Here are some screenshots depicting typical forms, lists and calendars made available by the application:

Dining Reservation Calendar
Club Configuration Form
User Edit Form
Bottom of Member Edit Form

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