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BLUEFiN engaged Modern geoSystems to automate conversion of shapefiles representing buildings and their maintainable features to AutoCAD and other formats suitable for publication to their customers, saving significant time and labor in their production.

Our solution consists of several FME workspaces and transformers hosted on an FME Cloud instance, the first of which monitors an Amazon SQS queue for messages indicating the upload or update of ingestable shapefiles in an Amazon S3 bucket. When a notification of a new file to be processed is received, a chain of workspaces is triggered via FME Server Automations, with all output files written to another S3 bucket.

Amazon S3 is configured to send notifications to the queue whenever an input file is created, updated or copied in.

FME Cloud instance

FME® Server Automations like the one above orchestrate the process.


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Posted on

April 7, 2020

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