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Automate data conversion into an AWS GIS repository


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    In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, spatial and other data is streaming from different sources with many inherent problems. Every organization needs a data architect to automate corrections and conversions from all this data. This course teaches you how to configure AWS and FME for rapid automation, conversion, conflation, and analytics of raw data into a seamless database that supports more intelligent display and decision making. This allows you to become a master instead of a slave to your data.

    You can find it here, along with many other project based courses taught by SMEs that are offered at Bootcamp GIS.

    Modern geoSystems is known for doing the hard stuff most systems integrators can’t.

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    • Do you know where all your customers are? Your assets?
    • Are you geographically optimized to service your best markets?
    • Does your geo-data suffer from incompleteness, disorganization, or just a general lack of big-picture analytic visibility?

    We have decades of experience in making our customers’ data work for them. Contact us if you need genuine and productive expertise.