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Advanced Geospatial Solutions with FME and Custom Software

When ArcGIS and FME are not enough
  • Are you finding your regular GIS tools don’t do everything you need them to?
  • Do you have one or more FME workspaces that you can’t complete because they need to do things either FME can’t do by itself, or can’t do fast enough?
  • Do you need all this quickly and inexpensively?

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Sometimes you need more sophisticated features and user interfaces than ArcGIS (from ESRI) or FME (from Safe Software) can provide out of the box. We have built extremely comprehensive solutions consisting of FME Workspaces with embedded Python logic, custom-coded streaming services, and full-blown web applications to support our clients’ full range of requirements.  And we bring software engineering smarts like modular architecture and automated testing to our FME implementations.

Here are some examples of our capabilities:

    • We’ve built extensions for ArcGIS using Python and FME whenever those tools provide capabilities missing from ESRI’s product suite.
    • Every sizable FME solution we’ve ever implemented has required some combination of attribute processing with dynamic schemas, complex manipulation of attributes and traits within individual features, and tasks that FME had no way to perform.  To make the impossible possible, or to dramatically improve the performance of the possible with FME, we’ve included PythonCreator and PythonCaller transformers at key steps in our workspaces and custom transformers as necessary.
    • ArcGIS and FME Server Apps are awesome, but when you need more sophisticated functionality than a cookie-cutter web form, there’s nothing like a team trained and experienced in web application development using rapid frameworks like Rails (Ruby) or Django (Python).  We’ve built many of these, some of which use FME or ArcGIS for sophisticated back-end services.
    • We’ve also had to implement custom Python programs to stream real-time data through FME Server when the streaming protocols are not recognized by FME, such as the Salesforce  Streaming API and PostgreSQL event notifications.
    • If you’re looking for alternatives to ESRI products, whether for lower costs or better support, we also have experience with open source tools and frameworks such as PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenLayers, OpenStreetMap, QGIS, and much more.
    • All our solutions include automated test drivers (using our own open sourced testbed) to ensure quality results throughout their lifecycles.
    • Our modular enterprise-ready solution architecture practices have enabled us to build an extensive and growing library of prebuilt components to speed production of your solution.

Modern geoSystems pre-built components (see a partial catalog) include:

    • Salesforce bulk migration and real-time synchronization connectors,
    • QuickBooksOnline connectors,
    • other SaaS connectors,
    • name and address parsers/cleansers,
    • specialized geocoders,
    • specialized data element formatters,
    • and unique  expertise with a few in-house-developed-and-shared open source components on FME Hub for scalable sorting and automated quality assurance!

Modern geoSystems is known for doing the hard stuff most GIS and FME specialists can’t.

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  • Do you know where all your customers are? Your assets?
  • Are you geographically optimized to service your best markets?
  • Does your geo-data suffer from incompleteness, disorganization, or just a general lack of big-picture analytic visibility?

We have decades of experience in making our customers’ data work for them. Contact us if you need genuine and productive expertise.