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We’ve just published the latest addition to our automated testing suite on FME Hub: the DatasetValidator transformer. This little gem will compare two different sets of features, pairing them up by a specified key attribute, and issuing validation errors for any differences. It will also issue an HTML report of its findings.

This is a great way to test the actual output of workspaces and custom transformers against features representing expected output! The features representing expectations can be manually created, or in the above example testing my comprehensive Salesforce/relational bi-directional synchronization product, they can come from a remote API such as Salesforce’s REST service for comparison with local synchronized relational database features, ensuring the sync works as expected.

The DatasetValidator uses the AttributeValidationListPopulator and AttributeValidationHTMLReportGenerator transformers internally to work part of its magic. So the output should be familiar to anyone using those other transformers from our automated testing suite on FME Hub. Enjoy!