• Do you need your eCommerce orders to flow directly into your CRM (e.g., Salesforce, Cloze) and/or accounting/ERP system?
  • Do you need your business-critical functions securely accessible over the internet?
  • Do you need automatically generated and updated maps and graphics to help you make better competitive or crisis-mode decisions to help your business survive and thrive?
  • Do you need all this quickly and inexpensively?

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As we have already for other businesses large and small, we can make your business more efficient in much less time and at a fraction of the expense of ordinary enterprise integration products or extensive custom programming with a unique and exclusive toolkit including:

  • FME, an inexpensive, highly scalable and configurable enterprise integration and automation platform (we employ officially Certified FME Professionals) that includes:
    • Support for literally hundreds of data formats and application interfaces, including those for traditional tabular, unstructured, and geospatial data of almost every kind.
    • A powerful graphical data flow authoring tool for faster development of automatic inter-system integrations than custom programming:
      • A project that would take months of custom programming can be accomplished in mere weeks with FME.
      • Likewise, a project that would take weeks of custom programming can be completed in mere days with FME.
    • Deep and broad location intelligence integration and analytics capabilities that no other product (e.g.: Alteryx, Mulesoft) in the industry comes close to matching.
      • This is especially critical to survival in competitive markets and/or economic crises.
    • Includes adapters for access to big data analytics and machine learning facilities in the cloud.
    • FME Cloud for cloud-based deployments, and FME Server for on-premises or otherwise self-hosted deployments.
    • Licensed or pay-as-you-go pricing options at a mere fraction of the competition.
    • Fully compatible with traditional programming languages and interfaces via either embedded logic or integration with custom applications as needed.
    • Provides unparalleled facilities for integration and preparation of data for information displays and dashboards offering powerful insights via instantly revealing digital maps, graphics and figures.
    • Automatically generates web and mobile forms and applications for basic access to and usage of FME-managed information.
  • Modern geoSystems pre-built components for rapid assembly of FME solutions, such as:
    • name parsers/cleansers,
    • address parsers/cleansers,
    • specialized geocoders,
    • QuickBooksOnline connectors,
    • other SaaS connectors,
    • specialized data element formatters,
    • and unique  expertise with a few in-house-developed-and-shared open source components on FME Hub for scalable sorting, OAuth2 callback support, and automated solution quality assurance!
  • Django/Python (or Ruby on Rails if you prefer) for rapid web application development, when you need more than basic forms and applications to access and use your data over your intranet or the internet.
    • Django includes automatic administrative data search and management features to get you up and running quickly.
    • Python includes a large ecosystem of libraries to support geospatial operations and data, as well as efficient analytics and big data processing of every kind.

Modern geoSystems has a unique and exclusive toolbox to make organizations more efficient by making their geographic and non-geographic data securely available online, integrating their systems and datasets into a seamless whole, automating their business processes, and ensuring reliability with pre-built testing tools and extensive experience.

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  • Do you know where all your customers are? Your assets?
  • Are you geographically optimized to service your best markets?
  • Does your geo-data suffer from incompleteness, disorganization, or just a general lack of big-picture analytic visibility?

We have decades of experience in making our customers’ data work for them. Contact us if you need genuine and productive expertise.