Are you missing significant sales and savings opportunities because you can’t see where your best customers and prospects are, or where you are losing money due to operational and supply chain inefficiencies? We specialize in creating location-aware business intelligence solutions that positively pop with insights, and automation solutions that can dramatically streamline your business using technologies and methods that can integrate any or all of your data and systems, providing instantly-revealing digital mapping displays into which you can slice, dice, and drill down to what matters most to you. We are uniquely qualified to make these things happen faster, cheaper, and with better quality thanks to:

  • Top Talent
  • Pre-built Components
  • Agile Project Management and Software Engineering Methods
  • Professional Certification
  • Comprehensive Systems Integration, Automation and Application Development Capabilities
  • Proven Reliability

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  • Increase sales
  • Discover new sales opportunities and lines of business
  • Decrease expenses/improve efficiency and
  • Catch costly mistakes early


  • Faster time-to-production/market
  • Decreased development and maintenance costs and
  • Better solution quality

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Latest News

Sorting and OAuth 2.0 Components on FME Hub and GitHub

I've just open sourced and uploaded a couple of new custom transformers that I have used in recent projects to the FME Hub: SQLiteSorter: A sometimes-faster alternative to the built-in Sorter transformer using a temporary SQLite database file, which has significantly...

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Overview of the FME User Conference 2017

Though I have attended (and sometimes presented at) several FME World Tour events over the years, this year (2017) marks my first official FME User Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And I must say, I was impressed beyond expectations. The quality of...

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  • Do you know where all your customers are? Your assets?
  • Are you geographically optimized to service your best markets?
  • Does your geo-data suffer from incompleteness, disorganization, or just a general lack of big-picture analytic visibility?

We have decades of experience in making our customers’ data work for them. Contact us if you need genuine and productive expertise.