Here we offer the fruit of Kevin Weller’s industry experience. Hopefully it can help you avoid some common GIS and other systems development mistakes and pitfalls.
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How to Guarantee Correct FME Output, Every Time!

A 14-minute presentation I've recorded to summarize usage of my FME automated testing tools has been published to Safe Software's FME World Tour 2020 web site. If you want to know the why's and how's of automatically testing your FME workflows, please do have a look...

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FME Hub Highlight: FME Test Framework

Automated testing is a best practice that can save you a lot of time and effort when applied to your FME workspaces and custom transformers. Co-published on Safe Software's blog Have you ever found yourself in this kind of predicament? You’ve built and tested a...

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Buy or Build? Or…

Should we buy an off-the-shelf solution, or build a custom solution? This is a common question when embarking on a new software project. And it would be a completely valid question if it didn’t offer a fool’s choice1: the assumption that there are only two options...

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Overview of the FME User Conference 2017

Overview of the FME User Conference 2017

Though I have attended (and sometimes presented at) several FME World Tour events over the years, this year (2017) marks my first official FME User Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. And I must say, I was impressed beyond expectations. The quality of...

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  • Are you geographically optimized to service your best markets?
  • Does your geo-data suffer from incompleteness, disorganization, or just a general lack of big-picture analytic visibility?

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